Cheap vs Affordable Jumping Castle Hire

Have you been shopping around to find the best-priced jumping castle hire company for your event and think you’ve hit the jackpot with an amazingly low price? Think again

You might be under the impression that there aren’t many costs that come with owning and running a jumping castle hire business .. but there certainly are! And if the company you’re hiring from is charging peanuts for your hire period, this is usually a good indicator to beware

There is so much that goes into owning and running a jumping castle hire business and all of the “behind the scenes” work will factor into the total price you pay! Things like quality equipment, insurances, road travel, vehicle maintenance, matting, tools and supplies, the castles themselves, employee wages and much more. 

At Bounce O Rama, we have very competitive pricing but we also tick all the boxes. We’ve priced our unique jumping castles at an affordable rate that allows everyone to enjoy their hire for less, with the addition of peace of mind that you’re hiring from a safe and friendly team. 

Let’s take a quick look at what you, the customer, should be receiving with each and every hire. 


The number one priority of a jumping castle business should be safety. After all, this particular type of amusement is made specifically for children to enjoy and if the company you are hiring from doesn’t have all of the safety bases covered - is this something you really want to risk?

Bounce O Rama are serious about safety. After working with children for over 15 years, we know what to look out for and have planned for any risks and hazards so you don’t have to! 

Here are a few safety items to check before your hire:

  • Does the company you are hiring from have Public Liability insurance? If so, how much? 
  • Do they use outdoor rated, weather resistant equipment?
  • Do they use additional safety equipment during your hire?
  • Do they provide soft fall matting at the entrance and exits of your castle?
  • Are their castles with a platform over 3m registered with Safe Work NSW?
  • Is their electrical equipment all tagged and tested - annually?
  • Do they offer supervised rates?
  • Do they offer a Risk Assessment?
  • Do they put your safety before their sale? ie Do they make you aware of their advice for wet/poor weather?


Second on the list is quality equipment. Not only do the castles need to be of high quality - but all of their equipment does too!

Here are a few Quality items to check before your hire:

  • How often are their castles inspected, cleaned and maintained? 
  • What products do they use to clean their castles?
  • What products do they use to install and operate their castles?
  • Do their castles look old, discoloured, stained, dirty or in need of repair?
  • Are their castles made from thick, durable, commercial-grade PVC or are they nylon?
  • Do their castles comply with Australian Standards? 
  • What blowers and electrical leads are they using?


At Bounce O Rama, we pride ourselves on quality customer service. We are available via phone, message and email and will respond as quickly as possible. Have we missed you? We will call you back as soon as we can - and do whatever we can - to help. We aren’t focused on the sale. We are focused on your needs and providing the best option for you! 

Here are a few Customer Service items to check before your hire:

  • Does the company have a polite, friendly and helpful customer service team?
  • Do your calls, emails or messages get returned promptly? 
  • Is the company trying to up-sell you or are they genuinely trying to assist with your needs and trying to ensure you receive the right castle for your event? 
  • How far do they travel - do they offer free delivery?
  • What booking terms do they provide - are you limited to only a short window for your hire?


As with any company operating these days, it is important to be available across many different platforms. This means having a strong online presence and availability via website, social media platforms and multiple contact methods. 

Here are a few Social Media and Online things to check before your hire:

  • Do they update their social media or website frequently?
  • When was the last time they were active? 
  • Do they have a strong response rate?
  • Have you read their reviews?
  • Are they transparent with their pricing? Is it available online? Or are you forced to call?
  • Do they have a secure online booking system? 

So as you can see from just a few (yes, a few) of the operating points above - there is SO much more that goes into owning and operating a jumping castle hire company. 

When booking your jumping castle hire, it’s important to factor these things in. Are you hiring from a genuine business that has all of these in place? If not, why not?

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