How do we keep our castles clean?

We've had some questions lately on how we keep our castles looking so good! So we thought we would reveal our secrets - the products we use and why!

Firstly, commercial jumping castles are very different to the residential castles you might find available at your local department store. "Residential" grade jumping castles are usually made from cheap, non-lasting nylon material. Its thin, damages easily and isn't made to withstand the weight or use that commercial castles see. 

All of our castles are made from quality, durable and thick commercial grade PVC. Considering the material, its fairly easy to wipe down after each use. We take exceptional care of all of our castles and you'll see us blowing down, vacuuming and spray + wiping the surfaces before AND after each hire. We'll do this because despite our best efforts, small bits of debris can (and will) get trapped in the seams after an initial clean at packup time and once the castle is rolled to store, these pesky bits come loose and enter the play areas at the next setup!

We use Koh cleaning solution day to day to manually clean the castle surfaces because its eco-friendly, sustainable, safe, non-toxic, kills 99.9% of bacteria and is CERTIFIED by Allergy UK as safe for sensitive skin! Its the most reliable product we have come across and removes pretty much everything to keep our castles clean. For tougher spots like acrylic face paint (this is a no-no, please always ensure water based paints are used!), dropped lollies or anything else we can't clean with Koh, we use Orange Power Goo Remover! This can also remove our printed surfaces though so its usually used as a last resort....

We don't like to use nasty chemicals which means we avoid things like bleach wherever we can but there are some instances where deeper cleaning can be required (such as little accidents) and for this, we use a top of the line antimicrobial and disinfectant solution (more on this below).



MOULD! Yes, mould. Its gross! And we DEFINITELY don't want it on our castles or around your little ones - but rest assured there are steps we take to ensure we never see it! A lot of different things can contribute to mould on a jumping castle but the main ones are food, drinks and water from either wet weather or water play that hasn't been appropriately aired or cleaned.

To avoid mould, we carefully inspect our castles at packup times to ensure there's no food inside (this is why we say no food on our castles - and for allergy management for the rest of our customers) and that the castle is dry. We'll clean everything we can and if the castle is damp or has seen some rain or water play, we'll open it up once its back at its home to ensure it dries out appropriately - this can sometimes take a day or two depending on the weather its seen and the season we are in. If we ever do notice a spot of mould, we use Concrobium solution to remove it and treat the area - its a unique product because it actually prevents it from coming back! Amazing.

That's it! That's how we keep our castles in top quality condition to ensure not only a safe play area for your little ones, but our ongoing level of hygiene, quality, safety and satisfaction by you, our customers. Boom. 

Any questions? Just let us know!


---- The Bounce O Rama Crew

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