How to Beat the Weather when Hiring a Jumping Castle!’re planning a backyard birthday party or event?

The weather plays an important part in the success of your event.  It is not just rain that can upset a party and send people running for cover but also the heat.

Living in Australia, our tropical climate sure does keep us guessing! We get our random bouts of rain when its supposed to be sunny and sun when its supposed to be raining. So how do you tackle the idea of poor weather so you can power on with the party? Let us help.

First, let’s point out the main concerns:

  • It may rain on the party day and the kids will get wet
  • It may be too hot for kids to jump or be outside for the party

Top tip: Don’t try to predict the weather! I know. That's a hard ask. We are constantly thinking ahead for your day and hoping for the best too! Don't start checking the 7-day forecast, just prepare for a good day and do not let your emotions cloud your judgement!

If it was to shower or rain, can we still go ahead with the jumping castle hire?

We will assess the weather on the morning of your scheduled event and contact you should we feel it necessary to cancel your hire due to wet weather, however, our equipment is outdoor rated and water resistant (and so is PVC) and in light to mild showers our castles can still be installed and enjoyed - we just suggest keeping a few towels handy to wipe dry the play areas in between drizzles for safety purposes.

If it was to be 35 degrees and hot, can we still go ahead with the jumping castle hire?

When arriving, our crew will assess the installation site and assist in placing the castle in the coolest, shadiest spot available. If you have the space, you can also put the inflatable indoors! Alternatively, you can also add some water spray.  We don't mind you spraying the kids or the castles down lightly.  That doesn't mean you can leave the hose running in the castle!  It is simply spraying them lightly to cool them down.  If you choose this option, we ask that you do not do so within the final hour of hire as the castle must be fully dry when we come to collect it.

We are expecting some strong winds, can we still go ahead with the jumping castle hire?

As outlined in the Australian Standards, the use of inflatables in strong winds is not recommended. Safety is one of our utmost priorities and we will always place this at the forefront of your event. We use anemometers to check the wind speed prior to each installation and if the wind speed is too strong, we will be unable to proceed with your hire for safety purposes. We also use heavy duty pegs to secure the castle as well as ropes or sandbags to anchor.

If you notice the wind starts to pick up and can see the tops of trees swaying, we recommend evacuating the children from the castle for safety purposes and waiting until the wind dies down before resuming the fun!

So as you can see, there are multiple options at being a step ahead of the Australian weather to ensure you still have a great event. We will always do our best to make sure your guests are able to enjoy our castles! 


The Bounce O Rama Crew

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