How to choose a jumping castle!

When it comes to choosing a jumping castle for your event there are a few key things you need to consider that will help narrow down the castle you decide to book. Lets run through them here:


Not every castle is created the same....and neither is the space its going in!

Your first job is going to be to measure your space. This will give you a really good idea of what size castle will fit. Lets say you have a 6m x 6m space - this is going to limit you to roughly a 4m x 4m castle (if your castle co are doing their jobs properly!) Australian Standards require us to allow for an additional metre minimum on either side of the castle for clearance. We can usually be slightly negotiable on the *width* but generally no less than at least a metre on top of the castle size. This allows you to shuffle past to get to the back as well as ensure the castle walls are not up against any trees, walls or objects as a hazard.

Trees overhead? Going indoors? You're going to need something smaller that can accomodate. Something like our Candy Wonderland castle was specifically designed for lower clearance spaces. Also suitable are our rainbow cloud, balloon bounce and small white castle!

Secondly - is the setup area flat? If there is a slight slope this is usually OK but you will 100% need to check with your castle co prior to booking. Generally, if its going on concrete, any slope will not be a safe setup as the only thing securing it down is weight and the castle *will* shuffle - not ideal, especially on concrete. Is it a slight slope on grass? That's usually a little easier to deal with as when pegged, the castle should not move at all.


When I say not all castles are created the same, I really mean it!

Depending on the inclusions on the castle such as a slide, pop ups and roof as well as the general size of the castle, you're going to need approximately 1-1.5m access width to actually get the castle to your setup space. Your castle co should be including this measurement when speaking to you (you will find this info under the "access" tab on our castle design listings!) to ensure they can get it through the side or front passageways.

Depending on the size of the castle (bigger generally = much heavier) if you have any stairs or difficult access such as steep driveways, narrow paths, gravel or pebbled walkways, this isn't ideal for larger castles as the weight prohibits safe manoeuvring on the trolley. Again, your castle co should be advising access requirements ahead of time as some castles can require drive up access only ;) 


Having kids attend from 0-teens? Your best bet is going to be something on the medium to larger side to ensure the older kids can have a turn without getting too bored by it all. Something like our Animal Safari castle or External Modular.

Are you inviting 20 or so toddlers? Again, getting something slightly larger to accomodate more children at a time is going to be your jam like our Dragon or Circus Castle!

Not too many kids and a younger age group? Anything small to medium is going to suit you just fine!


Having a particular theme? GREAT! You should be able to easily find what you're looking for just on the castle images alone.....But what happens if you don't like the themed castles? Well, you could consider hiring a blank canvas castle such as our white or pink castles. These can be customised using vinyl decals at an additional cost (don't forget - any personalisation must be approved in writing as some materials can damage the PVC!)

So there you have it. My top tips! I hope this was helpful.

Happy Bouncing :) 

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