Hiring a Jumping Castle in your Local Park

*Please note: in light of recent events, we are no longer taking park / open space bookings. Parks and open spaces do not provide adequate wind protection. In addition, most councils do not allow pegging into the grass to install. This means weights must be used. In an open space, weights are no where near adequate enough for a safe setup.

In order to mitigate risk, we will not install a castle in an open space (without protection).

Please ensure the operator you have chosen to install a castle takes your - more importantly your children’s - safety into HIGH consideration. 


Thank you for your understanding*


If you're planning on holding your event in a public space like a local reserve, sports field or park and want to book a jumping castle - there are a few things you will need to consider:


When hiring a jumping castle in a park or public area, you must obtain permission from the local council. Depending on each council, this has the potential to cost up to a few hundred dollars or simply require a booking notification and their permission. Most jumping castle hire businesses will simply require the permission is provided in writing prior to confirming your booking.

Sydney has a number of different Local Government Councils so its always best to check directly with them first. You can usually find the information you need on their website but don't be afraid to call and ask their Bookings team!


The only things you will need to consider about the location of the jumping castle is whether it will be shaded, on a hard or grassed surface, if there are any overhead hazards (such as trees or powerlines) and if the area is level. We can install our jumping castles on a very slight slope but to ensure everyone's safety and to enable correct setup, a flat, level surface is best.


Another thing to consider is whether or not the space you are booking has the ability to provide power. If so, amazing! Now you will just need to check that power is available within 20m of your installation point. If the space doesn't have power or the jumping castle won't be within 20m, you will be required to hire, in addition to your jumping castle, one of our generators (fuel included!).  

Our generators can power our castles for nearly a full 8 hours! If you already have a generator that you would like to use or are looking at hiring one separately, you MUST check with us first with regards to it’s operating specifications to see if it will be safe and suitable. 


Being that you will be in a public space, the local council will want to ensure that the company you are using for any hire products has valid Public Liability Insurance. They may ask for a copy - in which case, all you need to do is get in touch with us and we can send you a copy of our certificate. Once provided, all that remains is the setup and to enjoy your event!

So, if you’re looking to hire a jumping castle in the park or local reserve or in any public space, please remember to check with your local council first!

Need some help? Reach out! We will do what we can to assist you :)


The Bounce O Rama Crew 


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