Oops! We're sorry! Sydney weather got us good...

Well, well.....the weekend was fun!

With all reports showing crazy thunderstorms and rain due to hit Sydney on the Saturday, we were forced to cancel a number of hires due to the safety risks heavy rain and thunderstorms present. 

While our top priorities are fun, safety and satisfaction and we do our best to ensure all of our customers can enjoy our jumping castles without disappointment, things don't always go to plan!

Unfortunately, despite all signs pointing to a washed out weekend, Saturday's weather forecast well and truly tricked us! It turned out to be an overcast, gloomy day with minimal rain! We clearly received the expected downpour all at once on the Sunday. 

To our customers that we cancelled on: please know, we don't cancel our hires lightly and whilst we may have got it wrong, we would rather cancel and refund your hire when poor weather is due, than risk you or your children's safety! 

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating despite the rain and that you can forgive us! 


--- The Bounce O Rama Crew

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