Should you hire a jumping castle?

Ummmmm.......YES! And here's a few reasons why:

Ridiculously great fun!

Remember when you were 5 and all you wanted to do was run like mad and hop, skip, jump, tackle and mess with your friends or siblings? Yeah. Jumping castles are a perfect place to do this. Simply let the kids bounce, jump and muck around until their heart is content! 

Makes the event memorable

One of the best things about jumping castles is how FUN they are and how much FUN they create! They can keep the kids entertained for hours-on-end and you'll likely find (bonus) that they won’t stop until they’re tuckered out completely.

Match your event theme

There are so many different themes and styles to choose from! and we are more than happy to help match a castle to your requirements! Just let us know what you are after and see how we can assist.

Encourages healthy and active play! 

We don’t usually think that hiring a jumping castle is for anything other than pure entertainment – but believe it not, there are many health benefits involved in using them. Encouraging kids to jump, crawl, run, bounce and play all assists in contributing to their physical and mental wellbeing. It assists in developing strength and better coordination from learning to balance on the inflated surface as well as encourages them to use their imagination during their play!

Assists in the development of social skills

Whether your child is a social butterfly or shy and cautious, interacting with others during this play time helps teach healthy social skills. The more your child participates in these social situations through activities that involve fun, laughter and physical activity – the more they develop healthy skills that set them up for life!

SO. There you have it. Just a few fantastic reasons to hire a jumping castle for your next event - Not to mention our castles are affordable! We even offer payment plans to assist in accurately budgeting for your event.

Book online now or give us a call to discuss your needs!

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