Important Hire Information


So you've booked with Bounce O Rama (YAY - THANK YOU!) ....

But now what? WELL! Here's some important information to note regarding your hire :)

Delivery and Packup

On the day, we just ask that you please ensure the driveway and access/side entrance are clear for ease of delivery as well as for packup. Our castles and equipment are quite big and heavy - we cannot lift these over any fences or walls.

It is very important that you ensure you have enough space for our castle to arrive and be setup correctly. Please double check you have enough space by measuring to the *Required* measurements of our castles, as well as checking the access requirements, available in the product information on our website. The required space includes the allowance for the blower tube and blower, as well as clearance on sides for safety.

Please also be mindful if you have any stairs, furniture, decking or hard items that will be close by and observe additional clearance.

If we are unable to setup the castle due to lack of space, we will be unable to proceed and your booking fee will be forfeited.


We require 1 x stand alone power point for each of our castle setups however for larger castles, we *may* require two sockets. Power outlets must be within 20m of your castle installation site as we are restricted to using 1 x 20m extension lead for each of our blowers to ensure the most reliable and safest power supply for our equipment. *We cannot plug into powerboards or additional extension cords* and we cannot setup without access to power


After setup, we will remind you of our safety recommendations and guidelines (these can be found on our website under our Terms and Conditions as well as on the front of our castles!)

All soft play hires come with a general rules sign for your guests to easily follow :) Remember: adult supervision is always necessary!

Equipment Care

There are a few things that can stain our equipment. The main ones to avoid anywhere near the castles are: face paint, silly streamers, coloured confetti, textas and pens, paint, food colouring in icing/fondant/foods, slime and playdough ! Anything with transferrable pigments will damage the PVC by way of permanent staining.

Our PU Leather Soft Play is setup on EVA foam matting. No shoes are allowed (most importantly high heels!) to ensure these are not damaged by way of holes, tears and scuff marks.

If the equipment is found to be stained or damaged at collection, you may lose your bond and be liable for replacement of goods (OUCH!)

Poor Weather & Cancellations

Safety is our biggest priority. If your setup is deemed as unsafe to proceed due to weather, we reserve the right to reschedule your hire. For more information on what happens in the event of poor weather or cancellations, please take a peek at our Weather Policy and Cancellations Policy

If you have any remaining questions or are unsure about anything regarding your booking, please contact us via or via our mobile on 0452 568 289
<3 The Bounce O Rama Crew

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