Types of Jumping Castles for Hire

Jumping castles, also known as bounce houses or inflatable castles, are popular attractions at parties, events, and gatherings of all kinds. They provide entertainment and joy for children and even adults, making them a sought-after rental option. At Bounce O Rama, we take pride in offering a wide array of top-notch jumping castles suitable for every celebration.

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Whether you’re planning a backyard bash or a grand gala, our selection ensures that every guest leaps into fun. As the demand for jumping castles has grown, so too has the variety of types available for hire. Each type offers unique features, sizes, and themes to cater to different preferences and event requirements.  Discover the perfect fit from our diverse range to elevate your event.

Key Takeaways

  • Interactive Features: Enhanced with games and activities, our castles offer more than just bouncing.
  • Versatility: Jumping castles come in various forms, ensuring there’s always one that fits your party theme and space.
  • Engagement: Enhanced features like slides and obstacle courses keep participants active and entertained.
  • Imaginative Play: Themed castles cater to the creative minds of young guests.
  • Safety First: All our inflatables are designed with safety in mind, ensuring a worry-free fun time for everyone.

Types of Jumping Castles Available for Hire

Here’s a comprehensive look at the types of jumping castles you can consider for your next event:

White Jumping Castle – Small

Our White Jumping Castle – Small is perfect for intimate gatherings, birthday parties, and special occasions. Designed with safety and fun in mind, this compact castle offers endless entertainment for kids. Its elegant white design fits seamlessly into any theme, making it a versatile choice for various events. Constructed from durable, high-quality materials, this jumping castle ensures a secure and enjoyable experience. The small size allows for easy placement in backyards or indoor venues without compromising on fun. Hire the White Jumping Castle – Small for your next event and watch the kids bounce with joy, creating unforgettable memories.

Rainbow Cloud Jumping Castle

Add a splash of colour to your event with the Rainbow Cloud Jumping Castle. This vibrant and whimsical castle features a stunning rainbow arch and fluffy cloud designs, capturing the imagination of children and adults alike. Perfect for birthday parties, school events, or community gatherings, the Rainbow Cloud Jumping Castle offers a spacious bouncing area for kids to play and have fun. Its sturdy construction and safety features ensure a worry-free experience for parents and organisers. Create a magical atmosphere and let the kids’ laughter fill the air with the delightful Rainbow Cloud Jumping Castle.

White Play Castle

The White Play Castle is a charming and elegant addition to any event. Ideal for weddings, christenings, or sophisticated parties, this play castle offers a unique combination of style and fun. Its pristine white design adds a touch of class, while the spacious interior provides ample room for children to jump, play, and explore. Made from durable materials, the White Play Castle ensures safety and longevity, making it a reliable choice for your special occasion. Let the little ones have a blast in a beautiful setting with the White Play Castle, perfect for creating lasting memories.

Peach Jumping Castle

Brighten up your event with the Peach Jumping Castle – Peachy Keen! This delightful jumping castle features a warm and inviting peach colour, adding a cheerful vibe to any gathering. Perfect for birthday parties, family reunions, or community events, the Peachy Keen Jumping Castle offers a large bouncing area for kids to enjoy hours of fun. Its robust construction and safety features provide peace of mind for parents and event organisers. The charming peach design is sure to be a hit with children and create a joyful atmosphere. Make your event extra special with the Peachy Keen Jumping Castle.

White Play Castle – Curved Roof

Introduce elegance and excitement to your event with the White Play Castle – Curved Roof. This stunning play castle boasts a sleek white design with a distinctive curved roof, making it a standout feature at weddings, birthday parties, and upscale events. The spacious interior allows kids to jump, play, and explore in a safe environment. Constructed from high-quality, durable materials, the White Play Castle ensures safety and fun for all. Its sophisticated look complements any event theme, adding a touch of class. Choose the White Play Castle – Curved Roof for a stylish and entertaining addition to your celebration.

Monster Jumping Castle

Bring a thrilling adventure to your event with the Monster Jumping Castle. Designed for maximum fun, this jumping castle features vibrant monster graphics that capture the excitement and imagination of children. Ideal for birthday parties, school events, and community gatherings, the Monster Jumping Castle offers a large bouncing area where kids can jump, play, and unleash their energy. Made from durable materials and equipped with safety features, this jumping castle provides a secure environment for endless entertainment. Create a memorable experience for the kids and add a touch of excitement to your event with the Monster Jumping Castle.

Candy Wonderland Jumping Castle

Transform your event into a sweet and magical experience with the Candy Wonderland Jumping Castle. This delightful castle features colourful candy-themed designs, making it a perfect attraction for birthday parties, school fairs, and community events. The spacious bouncing area allows kids to jump and play in a whimsical setting. Built with high-quality materials and safety features, the Candy Wonderland Jumping Castle ensures a secure and fun environment for children. The enchanting candy theme is sure to captivate the kids’ imaginations and provide hours of joyful entertainment. Make your event unforgettable with the Candy Wonderland Jumping Castle.

White Jumping Castle – Mini Plus Ballpit

The White Jumping Castle – Mini Plus Ballpit offers double the fun with a combination of jumping and ball pit play. Perfect for smaller gatherings and indoor events, this mini jumping castle features an elegant white design that suits any occasion. Kids can bounce in the jumping area and dive into the colourful ball pit, providing hours of entertainment. Constructed from durable, safe materials, this castle ensures a secure play environment. The compact size allows for easy setup and placement. Enhance your event with the White Jumping Castle – Mini Plus Ballpit for a delightful and engaging experience for the little ones.

Choosing the Right Jumping Castle

When choosing a jumping castle for hire, consider the age group of your guests, the size of your event space, the theme of your party, and any specific features or activities you want to include. Many rental companies offer a variety of options and can help you select the perfect jumping castle to suit your needs.

Ensuring Quality and Safety

At Bounce O Rama, we understand the importance of jumping castle safety and quality. All our jumping castles are made from high-grade materials that meet Australian safety standards. Before and after each hire, our castles undergo thorough inspections and cleaning to ensure they are in perfect condition for your event.

Safety is paramount when hiring a jumping castle. Ensure that the rental company adheres to safety guidelines and standards, regularly inspects and maintains their inflatables, and provides trained staff to supervise the equipment during use. Always follow the recommended age and weight limits for each jumping castle to prevent accidents and ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone.


Every event and occasion can be accommodated with the wide range of jumping castles that are available for rental. Whether you’re planning a children’s birthday party, a corporate picnic, a school carnival, or a community festival, there’s a jumping castle that can add excitement and entertainment to your gathering. With careful consideration of your needs and preferences, you can find the perfect jumping castle to make your event memorable and enjoyable for all attendees. At Bounce O Rama, your event’s success is our priority. Explore our extensive range of castles and find the ideal jumping castle that meets your needs.

Choosing the right jumping castle can elevate any event from fun to phenomenal. At Bounce O Rama, we’re committed to providing high-quality, safe, and exciting options for every occasion. Get in touch with us today to book your perfect inflatable and ensure your next event is a bouncing success.


What age group are jumping castles suitable for?

Jumping castles are great for children as young as 3 years old to adults, with various designs tailored to different age groups.

What is the required space for a jumping castle?

The space required varies by the size of the castle. Ensure a minimum clearance of 2 meters around all sides of the structure for safety.

Can any surface be used to set up a jumping castle?

Ideally, they should be set up in a grassy area. However, they can also be installed on concrete or asphalt with additional safety measures.

When is the best time to book a jumping castle?

We recommend booking as early as possible, especially for popular times like weekends and holidays, to ensure availability.

Are your castles safe for young children?

Absolutely! Safety is our top priority, especially for our toddler-specific castles which are designed with soft, secure features.

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